Is TWICE the next “Nation’s Girlgroup”? :: Opinion

So, as usual, I watched the TWICE song. Rarely do I avoid a release because the group isn’t my thing, there have to be mitigating circumstances.


I am not sure how this will come out but here tf we go:

I see/hear why people are saying that they’ll fill the SNSD/Girl’s Generation void. 100% I see that now. They’re similar in skill, vocal talent, dance ability, line distribution, style and feel.

This is not a compliment.

Yes, early GG stuff is catchy and iconic and who doesn’t know the words and dance to “Gee” but it’s also cringey and cliche and saccharinely sweet to the point of being fake and uncomfortable. I sorta thought at least as international fans we’d reached a point where we wanted talent, skill and believability from both genders not just men. Clearly not, clearly we’re still not only fine with sexism and objectification of women but we support and justify it as well.

It’s not a radical concept to expect debuting/working idols in certain genres to be at a specific skill level. Anything less is misogyny, sexism, and a by-product of toxic masculinity. At least as international fans we need to practice what we’re not only preaching but shoving at other cultures. If we act like we can punish people for their non compliance with progressive ethics, we need to be sure we’re not deserving of being on the chopping block.

Watch the video and let me know what your take is